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Who We Are

Bleeding Edge FX is a freelance special effects business based in Glasgow, Scotland.
Run by Stuart Thomson.
Focused on providing a wide range of professional practical Special Effects services to the Film and TV industries, public institutions, hobbyists, and collectors.
including design, model making, sculpting, makeup effects, prosthetic appliances, mould design and mould making, prop building, fabrication, restoration, repairs, lifecasting, painting services and much more.

Why Us?

At BleedingEdgeFX we strongly believe that there is no substitute for hand crafting your art.
And as such we strive to ensure that everything we produce is given the care and attention that you would expect from professional special effects artists without relying on computer aided processes whenever possible in order to achieve professional results.

We have had the privilege of being taught and inspired by some of the best modelmakers and special effects artists in the industry.
With a wide range of skills ranging from the production of miniatures, models and props to sculpture, prosthetic appliances and everything in between.

Our previous work includes the creation of set pieces and props for the Scottish opera, set building and on set services for STV, numerous BBC Scotland projects, projects for Historic Scotland and the Kelvingrove museum and art galleries.

We have also provided our services on numerous short films
As well as private client based commissions for Costumers, film makers, hobbyists and collectors.

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